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I am a professor in History and the director of American Studies at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  My teaching and research focus on several topics in American history, including popular culture, consumerism, the American West, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, immigration, and foodways.

Recent Work:

  • Carlton C. Qualey Memorial Article Award for the Immigration and Ethnic History Society (April 2017).
  • 19th-Century Chinese Immigration,” Lectures in History, C-SPAN3, (premiered in April 2017).
  • “Sites of Circulation: American Theaters in the Late Nineteenth Century,” chair/commentator,Organization of American Historians Annual Conference, April 2017.
  • Discovery Alexandria: The 20th Century (commentator), WETA (Washington’s PBS affiliate) (premiered in December 2016).
  • “Committee on American Studies Departments, Programs, and Centers II: Centering the ‘Home’of American Studies in the Undergraduate Classroom,” roundtable panelist, American Studies Association, November 2016.
  • “From Arlandria to Chirilagua: The Remaking of a Northern Virginia Neighborhood, 1960s-1980s,” Southern Historical Association, October 2016.
  • “Making Arlandria Home: The Changing Face(s) of an Alexandria, Neighborhood, 1960s-1980s,” Alexandria Historical Society, September 2016.
  • First Days Project., (the South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA)), in Journal of American History 103, no. 2 (September 2016): 554-555.
  • “Making Alexandria Scottish: Ethnic Heritage in Post-World War II Northern Virginia,” Journal of American Ethnic History 35, no. 4 (Summer 2016): 59-92.
  • Review of Encountering Ellis Island: How European Immigrants Entered America (Johns Hopkins University Press), in The Historian 78, no. 2 (Summer 2016): 315-316.
  • “The Making of the Modern Visa: American Immigration Policies, Legal Entry, and the Body Politic, 1880s-1940s,” panelist, Japanese Association for American Studies Annual Meeting (June 2016).
  • Japan-United States Friendship Commission (JUSFC) Award for ASA-JAAS (2016-2017).
  • Christopher Reynolds Foundation Grant (2016-2017).
  • “Making Assessment Work for You,” co-written with Jeffrey McClurken, Journal of American History, 102, no 1. (March 2016): 1123-1131.
  • “The African American Housing Crisis in Alexandria, Virginia, 1930s-1960s,” Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 124, no. 1 (2016): 28-68.

Fall 2017 Courses: 

AMST 303: American Sexualities

HIST 297: History Colloquium

2 thoughts on “Recent Work

  1. 7-18-13
    Ms. Moon:
    I am the granddaughter of Leon Alarcon of the Chung Hwa Comedy Four. I never knew my grandfather or his family. Consequently I am tracking down whatever information I can find on him. I am travelling at present and will be back home in California after 7-30. I plan to avail myself of your books etc. but if you have access to photographs and information about my grandfather not in your published works, I would be interested to know the sources.

    Elaine Alarcon

  2. Dear Professor Moon,

    I just finished watching your lecture, as taped by CSPAN3 on 22 Feb 2017. Love of American history is one of my primary attributes, and you subject “19th Century Chinese Immigation” taught me much about a subject about which I knew little. Thank you so very much!

    Finally let me add that that I wish I had had you as one of my professors during my university education.


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